The boat is a high speed robust unit for a diversity of rescue and assistance operations in harsh conditions such as towing, search missions, rescue from sea, fire-fighting, bilge pumping, diving support, medical evacuation, first response emergency situation awareness and technical assistance. The hull is model tested, designed and built for safe operation in extreme weather conditions. Special design features includes a soft radius keel design, a curved transom and careful sprayrail design. With waterjet propulsion and very low freeboards the vessel is well suitable for search operations close to shore and efficient rescue of persons from the water. The boat is built with a walk around console and mast design making it possible to work with lines etcetera all around the vessel without obstacles. The boat has a good towing capacity and is equipped with a towing hook with emergency release from the steering console. Rescue equipment is carried in a cargo hold with a large hatch on forward deck. More than 60 units are in operation with the Swedish and Norwegian Search and Rescue organizations.

Product sheet 8 m HIGH SPEED Rescue Craft


Length o.a. 8.1 m
Length hull 7.1 m
Beam o. a. 2.7 m
Beam hull 2.3 m
Displ 3 ton
Hull draft 0.5 m
Top speed 38 knots
Bollard pull 0.9 ton
Range ca 8 hrs 35 knots
Consumptionca 2 litres/NM
  • Radar
  • GPS compass
  • AIS
  • Echo sounder
  • Plotter
  • VHF
  • Portable VHF
  • Tetra radio
  • Intercom
  • GSM remote command system(SMS)
SAR equipment
  • Towing hook
  • Fire pump
  • Bilge pump
  • First aid madical bag
  • Stretcher
  • Diving ladder
  • PUR fender
  • PUR keel protection
  • Bollards
  • PUR anti-skid deck
  • 2 x Ullman seats
  • 230VAC shore connection
  • 2 x 12VDC 2-pole systems
  • Empirbus distribution system
  • LED navigation lights
  • LED flood lights
  • LED stern lights
  • Blue flash light
  • Search light
Hull material
  • FRP Sandwich
  • Fiber E-Glass
  • Matrix Vinylester
  • Core Divinycell
  • 1 x Nanni T8V-370 engine
  • 1 x Kongsberg FF270 waterjet
  • 2 x Zipwake interceptor
  • Duplex fuel and seawater filters