12 m High Speed Rescue Craft

The 12 meter high speed rescue craft has been built in more than 30 units and is operated by several rescue societies. The so called “Victoria Class” is designed for operations at open sea, along the coasts and in the archipelagos. The self-righting hull ensures that the boat turns back on even keel even if it is knocked down by large waves. The shallow draft waterjet equipped vessel allows for operation in shallow waters. The well proven design is characterized by the high controllability and good running characteristics in all weather conditions.

Product sheet 12 m High Speed Rescue Craft


Length hull 11.65 m
Length w.l. 11.70 m
Beam o. a. 4.20 m
Beam hull 3.70 m
Displ.  14 ton with full stores
Hull draft 0.70 m
Top speed 38 knots
Bollard pull 3.2 ton
Range 10 hrs – 33 knots
  • Radar/raycharter
  • Compass
  • Echo sounder
  • GPS and DGPS navigator
  • Courserepeater
  • Electronic nautical chart
  • VHF radio location
  • Plotter
  • Diff VHF
  • Portable VHF
  • GSM • NMT
  • Navtex
  • Intercom
  • PR-radio
Hull material
  • FRP Sandwich
  • Fiber E-Glass
  • Matrix Vinylester
  • Core Divinycell
Hull Equipment
  • PUR Fender
  • Safety Rails
  • 2 x Scania DI 13
  • 2 x KaMeWa FF Jet 375